What will the future bring?

At Würth Industrie Service we do not have a precise answer to this question either.

Global issues such as climate change, the scarcity of natural resources, increasingly short economic cycles and demographic change have an impact on markets and demand patterns, presenting new challenges to our business activities. As a customer, supplier, partner, employee or interested member of the public, you expect specific, legitimate measures and responses from us. For it is you who is paying increasingly more attention to how we deal with these new challenges and how sustainably we manage our environment. We have therefore defined and structured our sustainability approach in various fields of action: Principles Employees Profitability, Environment, Society and region.

We are working on deriving objectives for the future from these fields of action in order to systematically tackle the issue of sustainability. As an international company, we view these fields of action in terms of global responsibility for Würth Industrie Service and WINWORK® (Würth Industrial NetWORK) companies specialising in the industrial sector.

Sustainably profitable business and growth are of central importance to us. This is because sustainable business operations go hand in hand with long-term healthy and reliable business relationships. Sustainable, conscious action by all employees and high standards regarding the careful use of all resources in accordance with a company's economic objectives are no fad or trend, rather they form the basis of our daily activity and decision-making.

The principles of Würth Industrie Service

The principles

Our business relationships are based on reliability, trust and durability.

We wish to collaborate, grow and create value together with our customers, employees and partners. Our business is based on legally compliant behaviour (compliance), both internally and externally, in accordance with national law and the values of the corporate philosophy and management culture as a company in the Würth Group. General codes of conduct and guidelines within each department result in conscious actions by every employee and the internalisation of values. Quality and process management, which concerns the optimisation of all internal processes, also represents one of our key principles. We also seek purposeful dialogue with our customers, suppliers, employees and the region.



Employees are the head and heart of the company and source of our success.

Jobs are directly linked with economic objectives. Growth secures jobs and training positions and enables jobs and further training opportunities to be created and developed. However, we know that growth is not everything and that satisfaction requires more than just a secure job. For this reason, we are adding permanent contracts, flexible trust-based working hours, part-time work options and other additional benefits to our high degree of freedom and responsible tasks. We have taken measures to maintain the feel-good factor of our employees on a lasting basis. These measures target the well-being (work/life balance) of our employees and are intended to encourage them to assume personal responsibility in the areas of health, family and career and to give them the appropriate instruments to do so.

Profitability- Growth without profit is fatal.


Würth Industrie Service strives for continuous growth and a gain in market share accompanied by maximum returns and an appropriate equity ratio. Growth is the driving force for further investments in product and system innovations as well as new technologies. Innovations result in sustainable customer retention and the acquisition of new customers. Due to our strong sales-orientation, we are able to recognise, respond to and perfectly satisfy specific needs. This proves to be a competitive advantage in difficult economic times, since the number of employees can be maintained and the existing market share can be defended or even increased. In tough economic times we draw on our reserves and are able to continue to offer a high degree of supply security. Profitability also means continually enthusing customers with maximum supply security for their C-Parts as well as standardised systems, a uniform product range and a consistently high level of service and the best possible quality at an international level. A worldwide supplier structure and strategic supplier partnerships are an essential prerequisite for this.



We are committed to a holistic approach to environmental protection.

For us, environmental protection includes measures that serve to prevent pressures on the natural environment and responsible use of natural resources. This includes knowing, documenting and observing legal requirements, the proper disposal of waste, sustainable land use, logistics and customer solutions and the increasing use of digital media, among other things. Since 2002, we have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. Receiving this certification according to the principle of continual improvement is an integral part of our business objectives.

Society and region

Society and region

Entrepreneurial action means future-oriented action.

As a family business, we and the Würth Group have felt a commitment to this principle from the very beginning. Active promotion of non-profit, social organisations and supporting numerous projects relating to art and culture, research and science as well as education and universities are particularly close to our hearts. The region around Bad Mergentheim is our focus, with the aim of improving local conditions and supporting the local population.