European logistics centre
The linchpin of Würth Industrie Service

In the heart of Europe lies one of the most modern logistics centre for industrial supply, the one of Würth Industrie Service in Bad Mergentheim. From here, we supply 20,000 customers throughout Europe and ensure a secure supply of production materials as well as consumables and supplies.

Every month, the incoming goods department receives an average of 8,000 tons of goods. On average, around 500,000 items leave the outgoing goods department every month. The majority of the items are Kanban containers. Currently more than 1,800,000 bins are in circulation. A good networking of the different logistics areas is a prerequisite for a smooth and efficient process. For this reason, the entire logistics system is connected via a 34-kilometer-long conveyor system, enabling the goods to reach any location without the intervention of employees.

The 143 hectare premises of Würth Industrie Service offer enormous growth opportunities. Today, the Würth Industrial Park has a logistics area of approx. 65,000 square meters with a storage capacity of approx. 650,000 storage spaces. New logistics buildings are continuously being erected and innovative technologies are being added to the existing facilities. This enables us to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility in combination with maximum security of supply.

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High rack storage

High-rack warehouses

Our fully automated high-bay warehouses have a total storage capacity of approx. 190,000 storage places and follow the chaotic principle of warehousing. The storage and retrieval machines move 450 pallets per hour. For a maximum security of supply, the same articles are stored in different aisles, since this way there is also access to the article if an aisle should fail.


Robots are an important component of the automation process of the intralogistics of Würth Industrie Service. Currently, four different robots are already in use. They support their colleagues in container picking, container palletizing, tray picking and shipping palletizing. By taking over physically stressful tasks and the continuous use, they lead to improved ergonomics and increased productivity.

Automation through the use of robotics
Multifunctional workstations

Multifunctional workstations

The twelve identically designed multifunctional workstations are characterised by their flexible applications. They are used for order picking, compaction, testing and pouring. In addition, goods receipt and goods issue tasks can be processed. The activity depends on the current demand. Integrated displays indicate the task to be performed and contribute to a reduction in the risk of errors.

OSR Shuttle warehouse

The OSR shuttle warehouse is a small parts and buffer warehouse. OSR stands for "Order Storage and Retrieval". The warehouse consists of 12 aisles, which are designed independently of each other and redundantly. Today, the warehouse has a total of more than 200,000 storage locations. The large number of aisles offers the advantage that an article can be stored in several aisles so that article access is guaranteed in the event of an aisle failure and supply security is maintained.

OSR Shuttle storage
Bin washing system

Bin washing system

The faultless condition of containers is also a prerequisite for a reliable supply of C parts. For this reason, all our containers are guided through the in-house container washing plant. This cleans the containers of dust, oils, grease, chips and label residues and dries the containers drip-free, based on the VDA regulation (wipe test). The two-track system has a total length of 14 metres and is suitable for all common KLT container sizes up to the PAL box. The KLT 4315 has a total capacity of 1,000 units per hour. A type-specific sorting is also possible.

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