RFID Kanban: CPS®RFID for maximum supply security

Faster, more transparent, more secure — radio frequency identification, or RFID for short, is a firmly established system for managing the replenishment of production material in manufacturing industries and is a key building block within an efficient value chain. As a C-Parts system partner, we have used this technology within the industrial Kanban systems for lean inventory management, automated mapping of repeat orders and identification of fluctuations in demand at an early stage. The RFID Kanban systems therefore contribute to even higher supply security than the traditional Kanban processing.

CPS®RFID stands for...

  • C-Parts solutions with radio frequency identification
  • Radio transmission of the item and bin data directly from the customer's production facility to our central warehouse
  • Early recognition of demand fluctuations
  • Automated repeat orders without the need for scanning or manual entry

RFID Kanban Systems – Maximum security for your supply chain

The technique is explained quickly: The basis is an insensitive chip with antenna, referred to as a so-called RFID tag or RFID transponder, which is attached to the respective object, in the C-Parts area as a label on the Kanban bin, and is movable. Each tag is identifiable by a unique number for data security. An RFID system also consists of a reading device for detecting the transponder and the sending unit for data transmission or for the automated reordering of C-Parts for production. The essential distinction of the systems lies in passive or active RFID transponders.

While passive RFID transponders do not have their own power supply and gain the energy to send the data from the energy field generated by the reader, active transponders have their own energy source, for example battery, which initiates the data transfer.

We operate both systems, but mainly favors systems with passive RFID transponders, as these are maintenance-free. In addition, the integration of systems with passive transponders is seamlessly possible and no change in customer processes necessary.

Different RFID system solutions - Timing matters

Pallet box with RFID

The order is triggered when empty bins are placed in the intelligent pallet box, also suitable for pallet Kanban.

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The intelligent shelf

The order is triggered when empty bins are placed on the intelligent shelf in the Kanban rack.

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Flexible RFID module

Mobile RFID module, where the order is placed at the place of consumption, right at the work station.

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Bulk capture via RFID

Bulk-scans over 200 bins at once and places the order

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Re-order at the push of a button

The order is triggerd by pressing a button

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