Automated supply of parts with weighing technology
Vending machines with weighing technology

Gram by gram accuracy for full transparency and certainty.

Vending machines with weighing technology

Gram by gram accuracy for full transparency and certainty.

Automated supply of parts with weighing technology

Consumables such as personal protective equipment, tools or power tools with irregular and unpredictable requirements currently play a major role in balancing cost and effectiveness. It is not the material costs, which are a major cost factor, but rather the procurement or the lack of auxiliary and operating materials, which cost companies more time and money. Our ORSY®mat vending machines are here to your rescue! From delivery, storage and stocking to fully-automated replenishment.

The sixth vending machine model ORSY®mat WGT supplies materials automatically with integrated weighing technology for your MRO requirements. Because each gram counts!


ORSY®mat WGT – The weighing system

Gram by gram accuracy with ORSY®mat WGT

The ORSY®mat WGT detects the withdrawal of an item on the basis of the integrated weighing cells, in which the weight of the stored item is saved. By using this technology, individual items can be withdrawn regardless of the packaging unit. There is also an option to withdraw multiple items at the same time from the vending machine, as from a normal materials cabinet. After the item is withdrawn, the vending machine closes and takes stock of the complete inside inventory automatically. Thus, you have a complete overview of the inventory at all times.

Benefits at a glance

  • 24 hours of availability of goods through decentralised storage of auxiliary and operating materials in the production
  • Security of supply through automated re-ordering
  • Complete overview and transparency of consumption and costs
  • Secure and on-demand storage of complete items

Special features

  • Use of innovative weighing cells where the weight of the item stored is saved
  • Weighing cells in different sizes (manages nearly all types of auxiliary and operating materials)
  • Up to 80 different products can be found in a vending machine
  • Multiple vending machines with weighing system can be connected together, access to all units through single login

In our press release on ORSY®mat WGT, you will find out how the weighing system is suitable for managing almost all auxiliary and operating materials thanks to its precise weighing cells available in different sizes.

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In order to fulfil diverse requirements, our vending machine models are available in a wide range of variants offering a high degree of flexibility:

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  • ORSY®mat HX
  • ORSY®mat RT
  • ORSY®mat DR
  • ORSY®mat WGT
  • ORSY®mat CHE