The company strategy of Würth Industria España

Vision – Head together in the same direction.

We aspire to be number 1 in the eyes of our customers and thus be the comprehensive partner in C-Parts management at national as well as international level. Visions don’t happen by chance. They are a result of our future-oriented and progressive thinking and action.

Mission – To the point is not enough.

C-Parts. With Certainty. We are forging the path with this approach. We want to inspire our customers with our products and services. Similarly, we aspire to provide C-parts to the manufacturing industry at the right time, to the right place and in the right quantity. The customer should consider us as a partner who is synonymous with maximum process reliability and reliability of supply as well as maximum certainty of system and product quality.

We want to not only satisfy our customers, but also inspire them. Customer satisfaction corresponds to perception of the customer to the level at which individual requirements are fulfilled while the customer delight goes one step further. It happens if the expectations are exceeded in unexpected ways. Our mission is to operate in such a manner in all divisions of the company that we continue to inspire our customers in all that we do.

Common values – With heart and soul.

Young, happy, optimistic and hard-working – one of the statements which describe the company in its essence. We are synonymous with strong values such as fairness, mutual respect and trust, straightforwardness and reliability as well as predictability and honesty. Respect for the work of employees as well as gratitude and recognition are a matter of course. This also applies to interaction of the management and employees in the company with one another as well as to contact with customers and business partners. It is the only way of ensuring a trustful management and cooperation.

Compliance is for all. Lawful conduct, practiced matter of course and core requirement are important for business success for our company.

Define targets – Strive for growth.

We strive for growth and increasing the market share. We consistently pursue everything that has proven to be successful and we try out new things for achieving this target. In doing so, we make continuous development and demand for perfection according to the principle of our business. In this way, we shape the vision of tomorrow.

One strategy – Several success factors.

Strong together! – This is the motto of our company. The focus is on strategic success factors. They guarantee a global personal customer service of a consistently high level of quality in service, product and process through sustainable behaviour. Mutual synergies are crucial.