Systematic collection and monitoring of tools and equipment

Do you have any difficulty finding out which of your machines and tools is with which of your employees? At which project site or assembly job the angle grinder is at? Can the ladder still be on the assembly job or does it have to be maintained? Do tools go lost every now and then? Still managing your resources in Excel files or cluttered in multiple lists?

With the ORSY®online equipment management tool we offer you a quick answer to these questions! ORSY®online is your comfortable, web-based management software for all tools and equipment used in your company! Manage your machinery automatically and keep track of inspection and maintenance services.

Why is it worthwhile to use a tool management system?
Your advantages

Advantages of device management

  • unique identification of each device, no matter which manufacturer
  • assign devices to employees, construction sites, locations, vehicles or projects
  • tracking the lifetime of a device
  • up-to-date stock lists
  • easy warehouse management of devices
  • mobile access

Advantages of repair and maintenance management

  • direct assignment of repair and maintenance costs to a device
  • storage of inspection intervals and maintenance items

General benefits

  • less time spent collecting and finding tools
  • reduces the complexity of maintenance
  • more efficient gathering of the tools needed for a job
  • less tool costs
  • less downtime
Maintenance plans digitally stored

Inspection dates and maintenance items always at a glance

Do you always perform the checks on time? In the equipment management software you can save and monitor maintenance intervals and check dates for your tools as well as for your ladders and steps. Maintenance management made easy!

With our tool, you have a complete documentation at hand with which you can reliably observe regulations and documentation obligations.



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