We Take Care of Your Supply Chain

A promise you can rely on.

Securing your supply of fasteners and industrial supplies can be difficult, especially in today’s challenging supply chain environment. When you partner with us, we take care of you and secure your supply chain with intelligent system solutions as well as a specialised C-Part range of more than 1,400,000 items for industrial production, maintenance and repair – from analyzing your needs, to optimizing your material flow, to ordering the products, and finally transporting the products to your point of use. In doing so, we focus on optimizing all processes in the supply chain.

Our approach to ensure a seamless and secure supply chain

Global Presence

On-site support and global presence – We take care of it!

As part of the WINWORK® with companies in more than 40 countries, we can leverage global purchasing power to ensure a consistent supply of industrial components and supplies from the world's most reputable brands and manufacturers. Through our network, we can provide you with standardized processes, system solutions, and consistent quality worldwide. In addition, our access to global knowledge and resources provides us with a structure of security and a breadth of expertise.

Each customer is attended to his personal point of contact from the office and field staff in every country. Individual system administrators are also available onsite for logistics handling.

Personalized Expertise – We take care of it!

Our team of more than 1,750 experts possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the intricacies of consistent supply chain management. Our Key Account Management is familiar with the industry and the needs of the market, while the backoffice is very familiar with the intended use of the products.

We review your production lines, closely monitor your supply data collected by our intelligent system solutions, and partner with you to understand your supply needs now and in the future. This personalized approach lets us anticipate your needs and optimize your inventory levels.

Personalized Expertise
Broad Product Line

Availability through product range – We take care of it!

In today's supply chain landscape, where shortages and delays have become more common, you need an expert partner that you can count on to understand your production and secure the materials you need to keep assembly lines running.

In the event of shortages or delays, our product experts can help you adapt by sourcing from other vendors in our portfolio or implementing replacement products. Our product range comprising more than 1,400,000 items, including conventional connecting systems and fasteners, DIN and standard parts, special parts as per drawing as well as auxiliary and operating supplies, help you mitigate risk and increase flexibility.

Automatic Reordering through systems – We take care of it!

Our intelligent system solutions automatically order your assembly components and industrial consumables. Automatic ordering relieves you of the need to manually track inventory levels or place orders yourself, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error.

Every order is tracked, allowing you to access material flow data. Our support team uses that data and partners with you to schedule orders and deliveries to the point of use, optimize stock levels, provide customized forecasting information, and secure your supply chain.

Maintaining optimal inventory levels not only reduces the chance of running out of a product but also frees up valuable warehouse space and avoids excess inventory costs.

Efficient Automatic Reordering

We've got the power: Maximum supply security is of utmost importance.

We are your comprehensive partner in production material and operating resources. Not only nationwide or across Europe but also worldwide! What makes us a perfect C-Parts partner? We combine product, system and service power and thus offer “all from one single source”. With our brand promise “C-Parts. With Certainty.”, we constantly focus on maximum process and supply security as well as maximum certainty of system and product quality. In the wake of increasing digitalisation, we are now looking forward with processes and systems having highest level of innovation - automated, digital and contactless - together with you and our technology partners.